Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Wonder of the Internets

I love the internets. Don't you? What would like be like without it?

Here are some things I have appreciated lately about the world wide web:
  • Last weekend, we moved all of Josh's stuff into the new house - and the really large items from my apartment moved as well. We had great help from friends, so it was not as intense as it could have been (says the person who did not carry anything heavy).
    I tried to do my best to get everything ready for people to move them. I waited on the washer/dryer, however, because we wanted to do a few last loads before it left. So, on Saturday morning, I realized I had never unhooked a washer/dryer. Nice boys set it up for me, and they were not there to tell me what to do.
    Guess who was there for me? You got it. Google. (On my little Palm Centro!) With the help of the internets, I was able to unhook the washer with only minimal water in my basement. I know I was impressed.
  • In my job, I have to find lots and lots of ideas/songs/readings/videos/creative things. Every week. The longer I plan worship services, the fewer original ideas I have, and the less I feel bad about looking around for ideas from other churches. There are a couple church blogs that post things from their worship services that I have found really helpful lately. (Quick disclaimer: I always want to plan our worship services with a sensitive, pastoral understanding of our local body. Just because something works somewhere else doesn't mean it should automatically be plugged in here. All I'm saying is that seeing other worship planners' creative process is usually a good thing for my creative brain.)
    Here are a couple cool sites and cool ideas I've found from worship blogs (most of which are linked in my sidebar):
    -Dangerous Women Creed - from Willow's Arts Blog
    -A recap of some Easter video- from North Point's Blog
    -Baggage Video from CCC (which was the inspiration for a piece we did during the Recycled series) - from the Multi-Site Arts page

What about you? Any internet finds?


Unknown said...

Umm .... I could be wrong about this, but I think I hooked up the washer and dryer ... and I'm not a boy ... I AM GIRL SPARTACUS!

But anyway, unhooking would be much harder and congrats on the productive use of the internet!

I'm taking too much allergy medicine right now ... maybe I shouldn't post this ... oh well

Kara said...

That instance of the morning was definately one of the most entertaining! It was a fun bonding moment for a random group of us ;-)