Thursday, November 16, 2006

26 Updates

Since last I blogged...

  1. I took a few days off to chill with Melissa in St. Louis
  2. I discovered that I not only enjoy the fancy Marriott beds - but the Courtyard Marriott ones are pretty sweet too
  3. I was appalled to hear Christmas music blaring while shopping in the first few days of November (Little Drummer Boy was bad - but Feliz Navidad set me over the edge)
  4. I learned the wrong way to store leftover cheesecake in a hotel room (in the ice bucket)
  5. I ate waaaaay too much at Maggiano's
  6. I had to renew my driver's license (fortunately I did so online since I met the requirements - my legal name and gender have not changed)
  7. I got a piano in my office - I should play it
  8. I had a random World Market employee tell me 2 really stupid jokes
  9. I had a good birthday - presents included a dream dictionary and music note earrings (my ears aren't pierced)
  10. I had a party that involved crackers and cheese in shapes (!!)
  11. I started getting psyched for Advent - looking forward to using a new devotional this season
  12. I have been especially grateful for my friendship with Melissa - for the sense of authenticity and security that it provides - and its longevity (6 years so far)
  13. I got to be part of a couple pretty cool (and pretty crazy) worship services
  14. I watched Made with Mary and the parents
  15. I pre-emptively slept enough to avoid getting sick
  16. I watched a ton of The Office and may or may not have cried at the end of season 2.
  17. Kara discovered a phantom wireless signal at the apartment
  18. Kara has watched a lot of Lost - I may need to stage an intervention
  19. I cleaned my room (it shouldn't be noteworthy, but it is) and got to display new artwork (by my talented roommate)
  20. I laughed hysterically while getting my ridiculously long black dress hemmed
  21. I saw Stranger Than Fiction - I definitely recommend it
  22. I was free to dance (but I didn't)
  23. I ordered a new jacket for the long black dress (because apparently I have shoulders and arms like a linebacker)
  24. I watched stupid online stuff with Kara and Beth
  25. I have had extra rehearsals for the big Mozart concerts this weekend
  26. I realized that 26 doesn't seem like long in years, but it's really long in random lists