Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Reasons why I'm excited about Caedmon's Call's newest album, Overdressed, which was released this week:
  • They've historically been one of my favorite groups. They haven't released an album in a few years. (There have been multiple greatest hits and even a worship album that only kinda count.) I have pretty much been waiting for new stuff since Share the Well.
  • Derek Webb decided to be a part of the group for this album (writing and musically). I'm really hoping to catch one of their spring tour dates, because (due to really unfortunate timing for several concerts) I never got to see them live when he was in the band the first time around.
  • Andrew Osenga helped write a lot of the album. I loved his songs on Share the Well - and then got into some of his solo stuff (and Normals stuff). I really dig his songwriting AND his electric guitar/high harmony skills. [If you don't have it already, I really recommend his free downloadable EP - Letters to the Editor, Vol. 1]
  • Bryan from has been liveblogging about the CD release since Monday - and it has been very fun to see/hear. I really like the details about the individual tracks from the CD - and the video clips.
  • One of the video clips from the LiveBlog: Live Cover of In God's Country

I am enjoying my first 20 or so listens...(it's on in the background at work)...and I may review it later. Right now, I'm just happy to have a new Caedmon's album!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Random Thoughts, Summit Notes, and Links

  • In the past few weeks, I have found my free time dominated by marathons of America's Next Top Model. I love TV reality competitions (see: Project Runway, American Idol, and lately Top Chef Miami). This one is super-cheesy AND it involves Tyra Banks (who is so horribly self-obsessed). And yet - I can't seem to get away!
  • I'm still not over Harry Potter. I can definitely sense the hype dying down, but I'm still excited to read reviews and ponder the full storyline. Here's one review of the 7th book - by Stephen King.
  • A couple of weeks ago, I was able to attend a satellite site of Willow Creek's Leadership Summit. This is the 2nd year I've gone, and it was excellent. Some highlights:
  1. Marcus Buckingham - My friend Melissa has sung his praises for the past few months, and he definitely did not disappoint. His big idea: putting your strengths to work - to increase the amount of time per day you play to your strengths and to manage around your weaknesses. To really do this, you have to identify your specific strengths. He suggests carrying around a pad of paper with two columns - I loved it & I loathed it. Another assessment is to finish this statement: "I feel strong when ________."
    "And the day came when the risk it took to stay in the bud outweighed the risk it took to blossom." -Anais Nin
  2. Colin Powell - He basically listed lots of "Powell Principles" - things that he has learned and implemented as a leader. The ones that stood out to me: Only People Get Things Done - spend a third of your time on the plan and then allow two-thirds for people to carry it out; Reward Your Best Performers/Get Rid of Non-Performers - when things are going poorly, the good performers notice first and are demotivated; Things Always Look Better in the Morning
  3. Richard Curtis - a British filmmaker and activist for human rights causes. This video interview was beautiful and powerful, and I doubt I could really do it justice. I felt bad trying to take notes - I really wanted to just take it in. It was really challenging to see how committed he is (as someone who doesn't have his faith figured out yet - in his words) to telling a better story.
  4. Bill Hybels' final talk on inspiration - that probably deserves its own post, actually...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Anticipating the Kingdom

This is from a daily thoughts and reflections devotional from Madeleine L'Engle I'm using right now - and I liked it a lot.

Thy kingdom come. That is what co-creation with our Maker is all about, the coming of the kingdom. Our calling, our vocation, in all we do and are to try to do is to help in the furthering of the coming of the kingdom - a kingdom we do not know and cannot completely understand. We are given enough foretastes of the kingdom to have a reasonable expectation. Being a loved and loving part of the body; praying together; singing together; forgiving and accepting forgiveness; eating together the good fruits of the earth; holding hands around the table as these fruits are blessed, in spontaneous joy and love, all these are foretastes.