Saturday, October 23, 2004

2 New CDs....highly recommended

I was in a dry music phase for a while....but fortunately in the last 2 weeks I've been enjoying 2 REALLY exceptionally fabulous CDs. I know no one reads my blog, but I feel the need to say this anyway!

Share the Well - Caedmon's Call - I always buy their CDs on release day. They never disappoint, but with this album they've done something really cool. The band wrote and recorded this in India, Ecuador, and Brazil. To read more about the concept, see their website. I have thought about writing a full review sometime - but will just say that my current favorite songs are: "Mother India," "Wings of the Morning," "Dalit Hymn," and "Bombay Rain." If I get to see them in concert on Nov. 5th I will be SUPER excited.

Behold the Lamb of God - Andrew Peterson (His Christmas Album) - I bought this without hearing any of it because I'd heard so much about the project, and I know I like Andrew Peterson's writing and musical style. What's great about this is it's the whole story of Christ's coming chronologically, but done in a very fresh way. I've been playing it non-stop in my office since I got it last Monday. If I had more money, I would buy 20 copies and give them to lots of people - because I think lots of people would like it and it's THAT good. Too many Christmas albums are weird covers of carols and then a few random original songs. I'll definitely be adding this album to my all time favorite Christmas albums. I just hope I'm not tired of it by December! I'll also link to AP's page in case anyone's interested.

(By the way - I just got Wifi in my apartment, so from now on I should be able to post from somewhere OTHER than Panera!)


Peter said...

So I clicked on the "next blog" button and what do you know, a fellow Caedmon's fan and church employee. Cool.

"Mother India" brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard it, and I've been walking around humming "free the Dalit" for the past few weeks.

I would move to Panera if they let me.


xrayer said...

Way cool Andrew Peterson Cd. My favorite