Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday Randomness

Hi kids. I've been disinterested in the internet lately. Don't really know why. But I figured today was a good time to blog because I've given myself permission to be random and non-profound on Mondays.

  • This morning I had an especially bad case of the "Mondays." I was snippy. But I got over it...I think.
  • Last week I made 3 trips to Lincoln. This week, I plan on only one (for graduation!). After that? Only when I want to. I-55, I will not miss thee...
  • I thought that I had finished everything required of me for graduation. Then, this morning, I get an email saying I didn't turn in 2 library books (that were due last Friday). I looked for them in my trunk, but they are not to be found. I don't think something like this should keep me from graduating. I mean, they're just books! (::ducking to avoid the expected librarian rage::)
  • I played in an orchestra last weekend for the first time in years. I did okay, though I was way out of shape. It reminded me that I used to be a lot better than I am now. And what a freakish skill it is to be able to play the french horn. It also reminded me that it's time for me to learn the cello!
  • I've been sneezing non-stop for the last 2.5 hours (and I am NOT exaggerating).
  • I really enjoyed this article from the Singles section of ChristianityToday. I especially liked the 2nd half...

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Duchess said...

YEAH, update! Okay... now I'm going to actually read it...

I'm sorry you had the Mondays

yeah, cello :)

And I agree about the books