Monday, September 18, 2006

All Harry Potter - all the time

On my vacation just under a month ago I started reading the Harry Potter series. Tonight I should be able to finish book it's safe to say that the past month I've been reading HP in rather large amounts. I'm really enjoying it - having time available for leisurely reading is definitely a perk of not being in school.

However, I've been noticing some side effects of all this: random things remind me of Harry Potter things. Last night I described it as an inner-dialogue. It's probably a testimony to how creative J.K. Rowlings is - that she's created this entire world and characters so convincingly that I confuse it with reality. Fortunately, other people have confirmed similar experience with this type of Harry Potter Inner Dialogue. I'll call it HPID for short.

A few examples:
  • I accidentally cut myself.
    HPID: A phoenix tear would heal that.
  • Late at night flipping channels I see that the end of Sister Act is on, so I decide to watch it. Whoopi Goldberg is conducting the nuns in their performance for the pope. They cut to a shot of the Reverend Mother.
    HPID: What's Professor McGonagall doing in the church?
  • My roommate and her sister are watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - I joined them for a few moments. They're touring the factory, when one of the candies that they try explodes.
    HPID: Fred & George Weasley could have made that.
  • I can't find my co-worker anywhere.
    HPID: If I had a Marauder's Map, this would not be a problem.

Only time will tell if this inner dialogue will stay after I finish reading the books, but for now, this is how my mind is working. So I'm curious - if you've read the books - did you experience anything like this? Or am I a freak show?


Duchess said...

that's a terribly silly question, of course you're a freak show, that's already been established :)

and it's been a long time since I've been so immersed in Harry Potter... and there weren't any movies out yet when I read the majority of them, so... no...

Andrea said...

yesssss - we have sucked you in! mwahahaha!

Brandi said...

I love this post! Especially "Fred and George Weasley could have made that." So fun.