Monday, June 25, 2007

Toronto Travel Journal #2

It's late & I don't have too much to document, so I'll do bullet point highlights from the day.
  • We slept in and ate at Tim Horton's for breakfast. Good donuts.
  • It was a gorgeous day - and we walked around & shopped most of the day.
  • We tried to find the PATH (an underground walkway with shops that goes around a large section of downtown) - but the entrance we wanted to use was being blocked by the bomb squad. We will try it another day.
  • I had my first international driving experience. It was only 10 blocks or so. I feel empowered.
  • Mary and I were on our own tonight. We compromised on food choices - Subway for dinner and crepes for dessert. I had a dark chocolate and banana crepe...very nice.
  • Mary noticed an Umbra store - I'd seen their products in stores back home, but it was cool to see a bunch of their stuff in one place.
  • At Umbra, I found this book - "Toilets of the World" - it was actually pretty fascinating. A store employee saw me looking at it and said it was one of her favorite books.
  • I'm definitely getting my big city fix - which is a very good thing. The fact that it's a city outside the U.S. is a big bonus.

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