Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Scene from the Malebox

Earlier this evening at the malebox

Spear: Want to find out your Sawyer nickname?
Me: My what?
Spear: Your Sawyer nickname. Mine is Rerun.
Me: Okay
Spear: It's "Moonbeam"
Me: What? That's dumb. It's a hippy name
Josh Stewart: Or your Native-American name
Me: Try my new (married) name - see if that's any better
Spear: Lots of laughing It's "Short Pants!"
Even more laughter from the boys
Me: No one better call me that.

A few minutes later
Lewis: Well, I'd better go. I'll see you all later. Bye, Short Pants.
Me: DO NOT call me that.
Lewis: You can call me "Quickie"
Me: No. No I will not call you that. Ever.

(Do not call me Short Pants.)


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! I'm Twiggy. I've got to say, that is a lot better than short pants (or quickie).

Duchess said...

Laffs... I get to be Betty... Guess there's not much to go off of when you only have 3 letters in your first name and 3 in your last... (though I'm not sure why they ask for your name at all??)

(and I'd keep your maiden "Sawyer" name if I were you... not much higher on the scale, but still higher)...

I will, however, be calling Chris Twiggy any chance I get :)

Bethany said...

I'm whiteout!!! HAHA!!