Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 15th

Been reminiscing lately about a pretty incredible day one year ago....
Those of you who have heard the story in person know that it can be a long - but great - story. Here's the Cliff Notes version:

Josh told me he had plans for Saturday AM (our dating anniversary)
He said he wanted to surprise me - and I said I'd let him
Sat AM he picked me up at 4:45am and it's snowing
He drives me to the airport (!)
Says - Merry Christmas, we're going to Chicago for the day
Me - Wooooow. YAY! I can't believe we're flying there!
We fly to Chicago (despite nasty snowy weather)
We land and he says - we have to RUN
Run where?
Run to our next gate (!)
While running, I find out we're going to NYC (!)
I start freaking out - because I HAVE to be at church on Sunday AM
We make the flight, and he starts explaining.
He worked it out (for me to miss church - which is a big deal), we have a place to stay (mission house where I'd been before in Brooklyn), and we have show tickets (Mamma Mia).
Merry Christmas!
I was - VERY surprised.

We got dressed up (he had my best friend pack me a bag)
We ate an amazing Italian dinner
We walked around midtown Manhattan (which was AWESOME)
We saw Mamma Mia
And we went to Rockefeller Center, where he proposed in front of the BIG tree
(I figured that might happen once I found out about NYC - but it was great.)
It was really amazing and surreal.
We ate dessert, called our families, and rode the Subway back to Brooklyn.

It's been really fun this year seeing the BIG TREE on TV and remembering being there. Even though it was a whirlwind of a day, I have so many really vivid memories -
  • the way my heart sped up when I realized we were going to the airport
  • the travel bag (w/ magazines and notes of reassurance from work)

  • having to wait for 2 flights from O'Hare to get our bags in NYC

  • how fun it was to not know the plan - but to keep being surprised

  • seeing the skyline from the cab (holy cow we're in New York today!)

  • getting dressed up at the mission house

  • the energy of the city - and both of our excitement (and Josh's nerves)

  • leaving the theater and the beginnings of light snow (Josh: "perfect")

  • the MASS OF HUMANITY in midtown Manhattan

  • the jewelry box with a light in it

  • the excitement of our families (over the phone) and the congratulations from strangers in the restaurant

  • the subway ride back to Brooklyn where we got to talk and make plans for BIG stuff

  • being exhausted - but totally unable to sleep

  • the church team from Mayberry, NC who were staying at the mission house - they were SO excited for us that over breakfast they each gave us a piece of marriage advice and prayed for us.

  • loving every minute of being together


Gretchen Magruder said...

what a sweet story!!

Duchess said...


Anonymous said...

One of the best posts I've read in a while... It is fun remembering such great times for such great friends. You guys rock!

Andrea said...

Aww - I still love that story! Merry Christmas and happy Engagement Anniversary, y'all! :)

Bethany said...

I had no idea you stayed at the mission house! How cool! This is such a sweet story!