Saturday, March 07, 2009

This is totally new information.

This was a good week. A week full of new and (mostly) amazing discoveries.
  • Turns out - I like eggplant parmesean. I'd heard people talk about it, but had never tried it. Thanks to my small group - I now know that egglant is not so scary (at least when it's covered in bread crumbs, fried, and covered in pasta sauce and cheese).
  • Did you know that St. John's Hospital has parking spaces reserved for clergy? This is totally new information! I realize it's a little lazy to want to find a convenient parking spot - but since I was going on hospital calls, I totally used it! (And since I took the last one, I tried not to think about the elderly priest who was going to have to park at the top of the parking garage because of me.)
  • I have discovered that I can work out (and by work out - I mean spend 25 - 40 minutes of torture - JILLIAN.) almost every day and not die. I may have walked around like an old lady for the better part of a week, but I definitely feel stronger/healthier already.
  • Did you also know that Sonic has a $1 mini sundae with candy? I recommend the Oreo topping.
  • Even though I read Fahrenheit 451 in high school, I remembered NONE of it when I saw a high school production this weekend. It was thought-provoking for sure. Did you know that Bradbury said the book is not as much about censorship as it is about the effect of television/mass media on people's desire to read? The threat is less people burning books - and more that people just don't read. (Makes me want to stretch myself in that area...)
  • Speaking of heat, we are in the middle of a HEAT WAVE (70's!) - but no one wants to turn on the A/C because we all know it's only March and it's central Illinois. But this means that Target, the grocery store, and pretty much any building are miserably hot. Also, it means that my feet stink.
Did you discover anything this week?


Kari said...

This is not a discovery, but I don't think I like eggplant. I have had it a few times and I didn't like it. So, good for you!

Elizabeth said...

I feel like I should've told you about the $1 sundae at Sonic; its pretty amazing and I've known about it for a while. Its such a perfect size! I usually get the peanut butter cup one.

I discovered that if you do your laundry regularly (like every Monday, in my case) it doesn't take very long and isn't a big deal.

Daniel said...

Clergy parking is the best. Most of the times however I'm sure people look at me and go..."yeah right." You do have to be careful because St. John's security will check for a tag on your bumper. They just started getting strict with this. To get one go to the pastoral care office on the floor of the main lobby.

Duchess said...

Great Post!!!

Something I new I discovered, mmm...

* I discovered I have a full time job starting March 30th

* I discovered that A LOT of hard work will get my ring finger to touch the palm of my hand

* I discovered my OT is a Christian and she and her husband are researching churches in the area... I invited her to West Side

* I discoverd that Baskin Robbins has York Peppermint Patty Ice Cream that is AMAZING and Tuesday nights only costs $1.50