Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Road Trip

Took a nerdy road trip this weekend - visited 3 churches in 3 states.
Had a great time though! :)

Didn't experience anything life-altering or mind-blowing - but it is always fun to be somewhere new (or old in the case of LifeSpring) and worship with other people.

Went to Parkview Christian Church in Tinley Park, IL; Mars Hill in Grand Rapids, MI; and LifeSpring Christian Church in Cincinnati.
Lots of variety - which is, as they say, the spice of life.

I tried to think of deep insights I had - but like I said - this trip wasn't like that.
Favorite things from each place?
Parkview - Singing You are God Alone - and the preacher who was just about his message - and genuine. I love it when Bible people are presented as real people.
Mars Hill - Family worship - lots of squawking babies and singing Hallelu - Praise Ye the Lord, singing all 4 verses of How Great Thou Art and seeing church in the round, SIMPLICITY and HONESTY
LifeSpring - Old friends, a challenging, thought-provoking message that was basically the preacher honestly wrestling with a passage, and a wonderful communion celebration

Actually one of my favorite things about all 3 churches was being able to hear the congregation sing loudly.

It always amazes me when I think about Sunday mornings - how so many people across the city - and across the country - and across the world are gathered together in the name of Jesus (okay, I know time zones can make things tricky...but that's besides the point).
Makes me excited to be a part of the Church.

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