Monday, October 10, 2005

Columbus Day

  • Began: 9:30am
  • Climate: A perfect autumn day
  • Menu: Leftover cajun chicken pasta and CHEESY BISCUITS from Red Lobster...and a iced chai in the afternoon
  • Soundtrack: John Mayer - specifically, "Why Georgia" and "Love Song for No One"
  • Achievements: Shopping without purchasing and remembering my horn lesson on a holiday
  • Locations: The apartment, the parentals (when no one was there), JC Penneys, Lincoln Memorial Gardens (standing in for Allerton Park), and church - 3 usuals, 1 planned, and 1 exceptional
  • Uniform: Jeans and my new Geneva Vikings t-shirt
  • Pondering: Life purpose, love (or lack thereof), and new resolve to be disciplined
  • Productive moments: folding laundry, putting away dishes (note the lack of homework/work items)
  • Evening Plans: Undetermined

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