Monday, October 31, 2005

I Want A Broken Heart

This is the theme of my days recently.

"I've got faith in the bank
and money in my heart
I've got a calloused place
where your ring used to be, my love

I've traded naked and unashamed
for a better place to hide
for a righteous mask
a suit of fig leaves and lies

I thought the cattle on a thousand hills
was not enough to pay my bills
and I fell in love with those who proved me wrong
and now I want a broken heart"
-Derek Webb
I am way too good at ignoring the voice that whispers, "You are even more calloused to all of this than you even realize."
It's a scary prayer - the one for brokenness that is.
I can rest in God's grace - but I think my problem is too much rest.

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Duchess said...


You know my memory thing. I may now always associate Halloween with this song . . .