Monday, February 06, 2006

Happy Thoughts

So my blog has become completely random. And that might be an accurate representation of my personality. While I do hope to add some thought with depth and insight in the near future - you are left with random thoughts that make me happy.

  • Clean apartment - many thanks to the roommate
  • Pickle - you complete me!
  • It's a frickin CELINE DION MOUSEPAD. How cool is that?!?
  • How can you not see people looking in your window? Yep - we're THAT stealth
  • Acting 13...16...whatever
  • Imo's on Mondays
  • 2 phone calls from Phil in one day
  • Text messages involving Robert Tilton and Music Man quotes (::swoon::)

1 comment:

Duchess said...

you are hilarious--

so I got an email from said window man about jazz on Saturday and was totally like, "you're SO FUNNY" and he was totally like, "I have no idea what that's about" and I was like "You're SERIOUS!?!" and he totally hasn't said anything back yet, but I'll let you know :)

I love your random things that make you happy :-D (and swooning, so appropriate) I'll be 13, 16, whatever, wherever, whenever ;-)