Monday, February 27, 2006

an itch you can't scratch

I know this about myself - but I'm realizing it again lately: I have to travel. Seeing someplace new, or someplace "different" energizes me. I love to explore (and I'm really good with maps!), and I love experiencing someplace with all the senses (the taste of local food, the way the ocean smells, hearing the sounds of the city, the way the wind feels in Boston). I love finding out stories about the places I'm visiting (which means I should read more). Maybe it's my creative/artsy side - but I feel very ALIVE when I travel. Central Illinois is great for what it is - but it's not always the most stimulating place...

I definitely took advantage of traveling opportunities in college (though I regret the lack of a long trip to Europe). And now that I'm a "grown-up" it seems so much harder to get away. Part of that is having a full-time job and needing to be here for most of the Sundays. Another part of it is finding someone who I can travel with (but I don't want that to hold me back). I just don't like the idea of going somewhere by myself - I experience life best in community!! (I'll admit - I'm picky about this aspect to a certain point.) And part of it is $$$ - but soon I will graduate from school. So I think 2006 needs to have at least 1 good trip.

Weekend trips to big cities in the Midwest or Allerton Park help...but I'd really like to be any of these places right about now (or soon - I'm not picky):

Man - I love this bridge, and I can't explain why...
I need a good CITY trip.

Europe beckons frequently (though I have never answered)
I want to see a real cathedral someday

Santa Barbara Mission - so beautiful...

Last year the only cool place I went was Brooklyn (for a mission trip) - and I let some of my vacation days expire. NOT cool.

I have GOT to get on top of my vacation plan this year. Where should I go??


Duchess said...

I realize I can't find a word to correctly describe my face at the moment. Sorry...

I know this has totally been more to the front than the back of your mind lately... not sure I have any concrete suggestions for you... but pick somewhere great, B, and just plan... let the little pieces fall into place and leave room for flexibility, but START something. I do think it'll help. Did I mention pick somewhere great? You totally deserve that!

If it were me... I think I'd pick someplace old... someplace with history... and someplace new... new for me...

-ily, mtw

which is actually saying a lot for me :) Figure that one out... are you frustrated yet?

Johnna said...

Hey! Kara's right, best thing to do is pick something and start planning for it (it actually helps!!! speaking from experience here in that I was feeling the same frustrations until I just decided I'm going to Denver the last week of June)...while I'll be disappointed if this doesn't occur, and I'm leaving room for that possibility, it helps to have a plan and a goal :o)
She's also right in that I'd choose someplace you haven't been or, if you have to go alone as in my case, someplace where you at least know someone in the area :o)

So there's my suggestion...if you can go with someone start listing places you haven't been and why you want to go there (something will pop out)...if you can't go with someone, start listing places where family or friends live that you'd like to visit and go from there :o)

It'll come :o)

Johnna said...


You are more than welcome to attend my Denver trip should you so desire :o)