Monday, April 17, 2006

If I start to cry

Apparently stress not only makes me want to eat ice cream, it also makes me slightly emotional.

Exhibit A:

A conversation over dinner

Me: So I was watching Extreme Home Makeover while I ate dinner last night, and I cried.

Friend: Really? Why?

Me: It was really moving. I always cry at that show - even when I say I won't.

Friend: Like, REAL tears, crying?

Me: I said I cried.

Friend: I don't remember the last time I cried at a TV show. Maybe the finale of The Wonder Years.

Me: OH MY GOSH! I remember that episode! It was so sad - the narrator voice talked about what happened to each character as they grew up. And Kevin and Winnie never did end up together...

Friend: Are you crying?

Me: Ummm....

Friend: (silence)

Me: We can talk about something besides TV.

Friend: Okay.

(Hat tip to Kari's Mike & Kari dialogue series)


Duchess said...

oh, honey...

yup... you need more sleep... (as i look at last fm and you're still listening to music as it pushes the midnight hour)

i can't wait for life to stress you out less...

i love you

Kari said...

tee hee. I have stopped watching EM:HE because it's just so MANIPULATIVE! And INSPIRING! And I cry so hard every week!

XRayer said...

I cried before the show even started and then tears came pouring at the end. Miah was also cring but would fess up.

Bethany said...

Crying at Extreme Home Makeover is normal. My FEAR is that crying at the mere mention of a TV show that has been off the air for over 10 years is a little...not normal. No?

Duchess said...

ummmm... depends on who the "normal" person is that you're comparing yourself, too ;) Luckily we know that we're all freak shows, no?

but it doesn't stay that way forever... take it from me... I was sob queen for awhile there... it'll ebb eventually (it'll probably flow again, too, though) ;)

[aren't i a barrelfull of encouragement?]

Mr. W. Arfarin said...

As a guy, I have to say, I have cried at the following tv shows/incidents:

"The" Family Ties episode - the two parter where Alex was processing the death of his best friend.

The finale of Little House on the Prairie

When the Cardinals were swept by the BoSox in the 2004 world series.

When Pujols hit "the" home run in Houston last year during the play offs.


Anonymous said...


Being a new visitor to your blog, I must say that I am very surprised at two things.
1. You cried at Extreme Home Makeover...if you haven't realized it the script is the same for all the shows! "I don't know if we can do it? It's only 7 days...I think this family deserves it soooo much...blah, blah, blah."

2. On another more encouraging note, I'm so pleased to know you have other friends who value Wonder Years. That's worth crying over, even if it is just a reference to it a the dinner table. Wait... I think I'm crying. Your friend and I need to join the grassroots effor to get them relased on DVD. I think they'd be a big seller.


Bethany said...

Thanks for all the feedback

(Daniel - who are you? do I know you?)

I definitely think the Wonder Years should be on DVD.

JLo - Little House on the Prairie? And I hope the World Series one was because you were happy for the Sox.

Mr. W. Arfarin said...

You know Daniel, Bethany.

I loved Little House on the Prairie. It was one of the last things of my childhood that has not been ruined. Please, leave it alone.

No, I think you know I wasn't happy for the Sox. Then again, you are a Cubs fan. How is that working out for you?

Bethany said...

Well, hey Daniel :)

And I like the Cubs best and the Red Sox next. I've been accused of cheering for old losers!