Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday Randomness

(I noticed that this isn't the first time I've used that title. I could make it a regular event...)

  • Small Groups Conference came and went...and pretty smoothly at that. Small groups are an interesting thing. A few take-aways: hearing some cool stories from friends about when small groups are at their best, getting to spend time with church people from around the area, being very proud of my best friend, and being challenged to invest in people more.
  • The big paper has been submitted. Feels pretty good. I still have to do a few other school-related projects, but having that one checked off is nice. I hope to spend much less time at the church after 10pm now - it gets really spooky.
  • To continue the theme of TV shows that cause emotional reactions, I would like to share the following t-shirt design (which is pretty much amazing):


Andrea said...

YAY for the paper being finished! That must feel soooo great! Congrats and hope you get to celebrate in style!

Johnna said...

way to go with the paper!!!!

and Saved by the Bell Rules!!!!

Duchess said...

Absolutely awesome... thanks for making me wait for the visuals :)

I had a blast tonight... ya'll are some of my favorite peeps, you know... all 3 of you... it was a fun combo...

love you... get good work done tomorrow! (today, whatever)