Sunday, February 11, 2007

Six Weird Things about Me

I was tagged by Brandi - so here goes!
  1. I am generally anti-condiment. If I have a choice, I'd rather not have ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc. I was a picky eater as a kid (which I have definitely grown out of). But now I think it's more an issue of consistency than taste. I just don't like cold, wet things on burgers, sandwiches, etc. Some people might call it boring - but I say I'm a purist ;o)
  2. I have only experienced real anxiety in one specific situation - canoeing. It's the closest thing to a phobia that I have...and it's definitely irrational. I have canoed a total of 5 times in my life (once with family and then a bunch of times with the church youth group). It's not tied to a traumatic experience, nor is it a fear of water. There's something about the perceived instability of a canoe that really freaks me out.
  3. I memorized the entire McDonalds commercial from the 80's where the girl is playing Fur Elise in a piano recital and thinking about going to McDonalds afterwards. I'll sing it for you sometime if you'd like ("how I wish I were already there, instead of here, I hate this song...and then I would have a chocolate shake, a cheeseburger, and also - woops- and also fries...and I would eat the fries myself and not give any to my dumb brother...").
  4. If I need some time to myself, I take a long drive around town - but inevitably end up in Chatham (usually without intending to). Several of my friends know this, because the car is one of my favorite places to talk. So they've ended up in Chatham with me.
  5. I often sleep with one arm above my head. (To clarify [Kara] - that means resting on my pillow above my head - not in the air.)
  6. I've never had a cavity, I've never broken a bone (besides a pinkie toe - doesn't really count), I've never had stitches, I don't wear contacts/glasses, and I never had braces. (However, I've always wanted glasses - I thought they'd make me look smart. I hope someday I'll need some reading glasses.)
That was harder than I expected. I know there have to be weird things about myself that I'm forgetting - yes?
(I admit, after reading several of these [Brandi, Kari, Andrea] I'm starting to think that it's weird that I DON'T type or sign along with songs or thoughts!)

And I am tagging just a couple people - Kara & Bethany B.


Kari said...

I will sing it with you! I remember that, and sometimes I sing it to Mike. "How I wish I were already there . . ." Though I maybe don't remember ALL the words.

Elizabeth said...

But my question is ... do you remember the McDonalds commercials where the teacher is taking her kids to McDs and they all have yellow raincoats on so it looks like they are a flock of ducks? I think there was a song that went with it ... what was that song? I think it went 'Quack, Quack, Waddle, Waddle ...'

Or ..(really long pause).. I'm just crazy and this was something I dreamed. This has bugged me for years.