Saturday, April 21, 2007

This post especially for worship ministers in Spfld - and - anyone else who still reads my blog

So - I was talking to a friend this morning - who teased me again for neglecting my blog. Daniel, when we spoke, I neglected to tell you about the post I made yesterday, although I'm sure it might not count as an official post (since it's mostly just talking about not posting and then giving a link). I'm sorry about that - but hopefully 2 new posts count for something.

My question - which is open for anyone who might be reading - is what should I blog about? I feel this pressure that my blog should be high quality. However, I will forego that if it is popular.

Possible options include:
  • The french horn
  • Stevie Wonder
  • TLC's What Not to Wear
  • American Idol
  • Shopping
  • My spring mix CD
  • Or...another topic of your choosing

(I know it's all pretty much fluff. I'm okay with that.)

So...let me know what you think.


Daniel said...

Since I'm the "secret" friend who wasn't so secretively hyperlinked, I guess I should comment. Perhaps you could blog about a French Horn version of American Idol. It could be the American French Idol Horn Show. That has a ring to it. Or perhaps you could blog about shopping for your spring CD while buying what you should not wear.

Honestly - I think I'd like to read a post about the French Horn. One of my friends (Jason) recently made fun of me for wanting to play the French Horn this summer and I know he reads your blog. Maybe he could be enlightened.

Duchess said...

oh, do! Enlightening Jason is always a fun thing to do, no matter what the topic...

And I think you could go even further with Daniel's suggestions...

What about American French Idol Horn Show where they play all the music from your spring mix while wearing what not to wear :)

okay, on a serious note... I'd love to hear your thoughts/feelings about your spring mix... such a good mix :)

Elizabeth said...

Okay, I have a couple things to say. First, why are these commenters reading blogs before 7am?

Second, I would love to hear about your spring mix CD, especially if it 1)has Kelly Clarkson on it (AI); 2) has a french horn on it; 3) has Stevie Wonder on it; or d) has Clinton Kelly on it (sorry, but I think he is fantastic).

PS-bonus points if it has the Decemberists on it!

Duchess said...

lol! Bethany's time for comments is off by two hours... I was commenting at 8:58 in the morning :)