Monday, April 30, 2007

Why I don't like country music.

If someone asks me what kind of music I like, my standard answer is, "Virtually anything. Except country." There are times when I wonder if I should say that. I really do enjoy most music. Some people include rap in the list of music they don't like - but I have to say that there are some rap songs I enjoy. (Not the super gansta variety - but I'm not categorically opposed to the genre.) But I do draw the line at country music. Perhaps I should clarify - it's more a distaste for mainstream country. Bluegrass and folk music - I have NO problem with. In fact, I've been discovering those genres more and more in recent years. But the question persisted, am I being overly judgemental?

Maybe I dislike country music because I didn't grow up listening to it. Or maybe because of all those 4H parties Bruns invited me to in college (long story).

But perhaps I'm hypocritical. I like the Dixie Chicks & some Martina McBride. And I have attended a Shania Twain concert (but I didn't buy the ticket). And Carrie Underwood is good (but of course). Then, not too long ago, Brandi put a Lyle Lovett song on a mix CD - and I really liked it! So, I wondered if I should reconsider my general dislike.

Then, about a week ago, I was driving through rural Illinois. The only stations that I could get were country stations. I submit to you 2 songs that I heard:

Exhibit A:
Yeah, an' I like my women just a little on the trashy side,
When they wear their clothes too tight and their hair is dyed.
Too much lipstick an' er too much rouge....
An' I like my women just a little on the trashy side.
From "Trashy Women" - by Confederate Railroad

Mmmmmkaaaaaay. Not the greatest song ever. But, I'm a fair person. There are bad songs in every genre. But then, literally, the next song I heard was...Exhibit B. I'll start the lyrics from where I heard the song start (I had switched over to a different country station).

Exhibit B:
You know every guy in here tonight
Would like to take you home
But I've got way more class than them
Babe that ain't what I want.

'Cause I'd like to see you out in the moonlight
I'd like to kiss you way back in the sticks
I'd like to walk you through a field of wildflowers
(And at this point, I'm thinking...see...this is a much sweeter song. I was wrong to judge country music. But! Then the song continues...)

And I'd like to check you for ticks.

Excuse me?
Did he just say that?
Unfortunately, I heard correctly. ("Ticks" by Brad Paisley)

And I think I said to myself, outloud, "and THAT is why I don't like country music!"


Anonymous said...

kudos on using super gangsta in your blog :)

Duchess said...

LOL... that song is CALLED "Ticks"!?!?!?!? Oh my gosh... that's terrible... roflmao

Elizabeth said...

I love the fact that you posted a witty and entertaining blog that didn't respond to any of our earlier blog requests. Don't post blogs that cater to your readers ... as Ben Folds would say 'Keep it real, yo.'

BTW - where was the ipod during this horrible trip? And why would anyone choose to go to Quincy?

jim said...

Maybe the reason you don't like country is because you're an asshole who only looks for the worst songs to post, are you telling me there aren't god awful rock, rap and other types of genres songs? What are you trying to prove, obviously you didn't try and find good country. Douche.

Dave said...

Jim, obviously you failed too read the post in its entirety. There are several mentions of decent country music that is listenable. However this refers to a random selection (of two different stations) that play only country music. New country or as we refer to it contemporary rock is tolerable. Twangy music that celebrates ignorance and trashy behavior is a common theme in true country. Try listening to a couple songs with the lyrics in front of you.

Anonymous said...

Coarse a woman would post somethin like that ha all due respect mamm, its music. Don't blame ya for not lovin brad paisley, can't stand em myself. But, I wanna check you for ticks ha that offends you? And your someone that likes "virtually anything" thats about as subtle as it can be said. Every mumblin nigger and rock star on the radio has put it in much cruder terms. Not to mention, even rock wouldn't be the same if it wasnt for all those guys like johnny cash and hank williams that came before them. And Dave, big words don't make ignorance sound smart. Shut up. You just need a little guidance in the genre darlin

Jennifer said...

Not all songs are as dirty and you heard them. you just happened to listen to those two songs, I grew up listening to country and i love it and i think you should give it another chance because there are some songs that are really sweet, and some of them are like having a good time with your friends. For example, check out some kenny chesney song and you may like them. Also brad paisley is the guy who writes beautiful love songs, that is just one song that really isn't his best. So i highly recommend you give country music another chance. It is not that bad and people say it's all the same but if you really listen, it really isn't