Monday, August 15, 2005

I want to be a person of depth...


And yet I *constantly* struggle with investing the time and energy.

I struggle because I want to be that way NOW. But I know that nothing happens overnight.

I struggle because I want it to be in ways that other people notice. But I know that the internal matters SO much more than the external.

I struggle because the everyday tasks often seem more pressing than the larger, underlying need to slow down...and keep priorities in order.

And here's the other thing. I do a lot of talking or thinking about this...but very little actual doing. Typical Bethany.

And so, month by month, week by week, and day by day...
I have to be about the things of substance, the things of value.

"Save me from those things that might distract me. Please take them away and purify my heart. I don't want to lose the eternal for the things that are passing. Cause what will I have when the world is gone if it isn't for the love that goes on and on - You're my One Thing." -rm

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