Monday, August 22, 2005

Randoms from the Last Week

  • I like the State Fair...especially when it doesn't feel like August. I went 2 nights in a row last week with lots of fun people. Highlights: watching random people dance in the Twilight Ballroom and going on rides w/ friends' kids. Yeah, Tilt-o-whirl!
  • I have been feeling un-cool somewhat regularly. I've traditionally been okay with that - but every now and then I have junior high/high school thoughts about needing to "fit in." But at the end of the day, I'm pretty comfortable with who I am - whether that's "cool" or not.
  • I had an AWESOME "sisters day" last Friday - despite driving all over the eastern part of Illinois. I love shopping in downtown Champaign - makes me feel millions of miles away from Spfld. Best part - Mary finding the Marching Illini hat and then wearing for the rest of the day (pictures may be available later).
  • I had an older sister moment on Friday - leaving Bekah at her dorm (on only her second day of being at college). I remember that first year and being alone - just praying it goes well for her. However...she is SO much cooler than me!
  • I wonder if being a girl (woman - whatever) in ministry leadership will get easier with age. I know I'm pretty lucky to live in 2005 - and that I'm blessed with many opportunities - but it can still be frustrating (sing it with me, "Oh I'm just a girl - what's my destiny? What I've succombed to is making me numb. Ooooooooh - I've had it up to here!")
  • To bring some balance - I've been really excited about being part of the Church lately - and really have been enjoying my role in all of that.
  • This is the last week of summer - better make it count.

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