Friday, March 03, 2006


It's now officially March (breaking news, I know)...

and I believe my blog is going to suffer for it. While I'd like to be really thoughtful, insightful, and artistic - I am feeling more disjointed than anything else, lately.

In the next few months and weeks, there is much to do and much to look forward to:
  • A week intensive class up north with some really cool worship students
  • Quick trips to Indy (maybe) and Chicago, and the viewing of musical productions from the high school to professional level
  • The Easter presentations (help us all)
  • Easter Sunday (oh my)
  • Small Groups Conference (pressure pressure pressure)
  • The due date for my really big and scary paper (AAAAHHH pressure pressure pressure)
  • GRADUATION (have mercy)

And I'll try to update or reflect on the interesting things - but in the meantime, I'm sure you're wondering why I titled this post "retrospective" if I was just going to look ahead.

Well I wanted to share some noteworthy events from this week. So here they are (with my commentary, of course):

  • Getting a voicemail from Phil of the UIUC Black Chorus singing. Best voicemail I've gotten in a long time.
  • Seeing people from my small group handle tough things with grace - and seeing a church community come and support each other - it's hard but there is hope.
  • Ash Wednesday service with Kara downtown over our lunch. ("Remember you are dust, and to dust you will return.") I also liked the concluding prayer: "As we go, we go with both the sign of our mortality and of the Grace of God. Go faithfully and hopefully in this sign. Go out into the world to make this news known, Jesus Christ has set us free. We are forgiven and made new in the cross of Christ. The Lord bless you now and forever."
  • The charge for the parking garage was 50 cents. I had a $20. The parking attendant guy said I was nuts. I look around in my purse and come up with $.35 - he's unimpressed. He tells me TWICE to bring him 15 cents sometime. (Suuuuure)
  • Car ride with BB - both of us talking - both of us listening. Good deal. Oh and Sonic drinks too.
  • I think that lately my hair looks better in a ponytail than down. Though it probably makes me look "young" - I don't care...
  • Lessons were learned as I bid farewell to Plan A, agonized over Plan B's demise, and then dragged a friend into Plan C. (Thanks for your help, anyways...) Plan D will come tomorrow.
  • I am blessed beyond what I even can understand - let alone beyond what I consider on a regular basis. I pray that I'm faithful with what I've been given...

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