Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Travelogue Entry #2

After a whole day in Florida, I'm happy to say that this pace of vacation is just exactly what I was looking for.
  • Slept in
  • Chilled at the beach & pool for the better part of the day. At first I thought I'd get tired of it, but I sure didn't!
  • We're not good at identifying accents/languages. We've heard lots, but so far the only one I know for sure is British.
  • We ate dinner overlooking the ocean. Mom & I split meals well - we were brave and tried a conch fritters appetizer. Conch is really chewy.
  • I've decided that "Funky Town" is the theme song for the trip - we've heard it twice already. (Mom's hoping we don't hear it anymore - I keep asking her, "Won't you take me to...funky tooooown?")
  • Had real Key Lime pie and took my favorite pictures of the trip so far
  • We drove for a bit tonight and discovered actual civilization here in the Keys (a movie theater and a Pier 1)
  • I skimmed a bit of this book at a bookstore. Looks really interesting.
  • I realized I got a lot more sun than I thought I did earlier - and that I will have some ridiculous tan lines
  • Our hotel has Bravo - which means I get to see the new episode of Project Runway tonight! Yesssssss.

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Duchess said...

lucky you... I was watching a movie that I didn't realize went off at 9:30 (wth? what kind of movie goes off at 9:30...) and then I couldn't stay up to watch it at 11:00. Dang it all