Thursday, October 18, 2007

Links of Joy...and Joyness

I thought I'd share some interesting - yet thouroughly random links.
  • An article about what Sufjan Stevens is up to lately: a symphonic piece about the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

  • An interview with a Major League Baseball pitcher about his struggle to follow Christ.

  • This last link requires a bit of set-up:
    Last summer, a bunch of my friends were highly entertained by a certain YouTube cartoon (involving unicorns, obnoxious repetition, and stolen kidneys) called Charlie and Candy Mountain. We were all pretty sure about 2 things: first, that this cartoon was made by guys with too much time on their hands and also that I was always completely irritated by the whole thing. However, today, I was reading about Heaven (for the upcoming worship series) and I came across THIS. Stunning. If anyone wants to explore how the creators of Charlie may have been actually commenting on the afterlife while making literary references to Orwell...go for it.

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Duchess said...

WOW... stunning indeed... quite interesting find there, my friend... quite interesting... I haven't laid hands on Animal Farm since High School and I hated it then, but it could have been the teaching/teacher... maybe I need to reexplore it...