Monday, January 23, 2006

I love my job

Today was one of those days...and I just need to remember it - because I love my job:
  • Great response from the artist yesterday - praise God... (and I'm amazed at the power of art...and of people surrendering their gifts in corporate worship)
  • "I see orange and blue events in the future. Bad Mike..."
  • Imo's is the new place for lunch...but don't tell too many people
  • "What is that? Please make it stop!"
  • "I Need You" - The Swift
  • "Made for You" - Watermark
  • The calypso Easter song...and lots of laughter


Duchess said...

you crack me up. Imo's?? Orange and Blue??

Johnna said...

I'm so happy you had an awesome day at work Bethany :o)

Chuckles even though half of it didn't make any sense to me :o)