Thursday, January 26, 2006

My surroundings

This might say something about me - might not. I'm opening myself up for psychoanalysis!

Things on my Bulletin Board:

  • Worship Schedules
  • Staff phone directory
  • Black and White old New York City calendar (I always get one of these from World Market - it lets me travel by turning my head. This month's is Grand Central Station - with the light pouring in. LOVE IT!)
  • A flower made from popped balloons (from 40 Days of Purpose)
  • Pictures from 3 weddings - Melissa, cousin Sarah, and Orange & Blue
  • Estefani - my Compassion kid
  • A card that says: "Pray for...Young Adult Ministry at West Side & Young Adults in the Community" from vision night #1 back in the day!
  • A sticker that says, "I voted" (I had to beg for that...)
  • A picture of Melissa and I in the infamous yellow office
  • A picture from lunch at Granny's
  • A birthday note from Phil (2003)
  • A cross ornament from Spear
  • The Beattitudes art from the first Gathering (which still looks awesome, Kara)
  • A cartoon about lipstick that was given to me by a woman who was trying to win me over to her lipstick side (I still don't wear it)
  • A small piece of paper where Melissa wrote her married name about 6 months before her wedding. I used to look at it to get used to it. I think it helped.
  • An Illini basetball poster from the 2003-2004 season
  • A cross-stitched piece from MaryAnn
  • Phone numbers for people that I never called (mostly high school acquantances
  • A dried red rose

Things on my Computer monitor:

  • A pink piece of paper with Psalm 86:11-13 on it - Diane B. put it on there for the women's conference
  • An index card that says: "Clarity of Mission flows from purity of worship" - I still don't know who said that...
  • 2 fortune cookie fortunes (I LOVE fortune cookie fortunes): "You'll never know what you can do until you try" and "Your love life will be happy and harmonious."

So what do you think this says about me??


Duchess said...

You are too funny-

I think it says that you like to be surrounded by things that make you comfortable. You like the reminders of things that are important to you. You keep really weird memorabilia (i.e. balloons, Happy 23rd Birthday???). And you can see alot of your life on your board and your desk...

xrayer said...

I am glad that I am not the only one who keeps weird phone numbers in their posssesion. I have several random phone numbers in my locker at work and it seems to come in handy about once a year. As for the Beattitudes, I still have mine as well. It also looks great. Is the pray for the YAM the one with circles on it? Mine was lost in the move. Sad. I am sorry but I am not a psychologist.