Sunday, January 15, 2006

Merci madame Kara

I don't speak French. In fact, I think it sounds funny.
But I'd like to give a brief "merci beaucoup" (or whatever) to my "amie", Kara.

  • Merci pour your quotes from Henri Nouwen - makes me remember how much I like that book
  • Merci pour the lovely candle - a totally random surprise
  • Merci pour being the first person to hunt me down in cyberspace that I know in real life (at least that I know of...eek...)
  • Merci pour that trip to Indy - may we continue to travel together...
  • Merci pour your listening ears
  • Merci pour your enjoyment of the Wicked soundtrack.
  • Merci pour your friendship
  • Merci pour a lovely note that I DID NOT UNDERSTAND AT ALL BECAUSE IT'S IN FRENCH!!! ;o)

Au revoir.

1 comment:

Duchess said...


Since I used an English to French Translator, I would imagine you could do French to English, however

it basically said

I thought of you when I saw this. You are amazing. You are a wonderful, beautiful, magnificant woman and I am humbled and blessed daily to count you among my friends.